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Book Scavenger Hunt- fill in the attached chart based on these book sites...
  1. A Nest For Celeste
  2. Crenshaw
  3. Fish in a Tree
  4. Front Desk
  5. Great Treehouse War
  6. Greetings From Nowhere
  7. The Key To Extraordinary
  8. The Last Musketeer
  9. The League Of Seven
  10. Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg
  11. Smack Dab in the MIddle of Nowhere
  12. Smells Like Dog
  13. Tuesdays At the Castle
  14. Ungifted
  15. Woods Runner
Title and Author Practice and Online Games and quizzes


Practice titles and authors

A Nest For Celeste:
Fish In A Tree:


HELLO! Below is the code that Mr. Daniels writes on the board for the students to solve. Unfortunately, I will not give you an answer for it. However, I will tell you a couple of things:

  1. Yes, it can be solved.
  2. Each letter stands for another letter in the alphabet and follows a pattern. So, for example, if I told you that every letter in this word < ALD > was really the letter that is three letters after it in the alphabet,  <ALD > would really be < DOG >. This code below follows a pattern similar to this.
  3. Writing out the entire alphabet for yourself and experimenting will make this easier to solve.
  4. If you find this hard, don’t quit! It’s supposed to be hard and it feels AWESOME to solve something difficult.


CODE fish in a tree

The Key to Extraordinary Jeopardy Games:
Tuesdays at the Castle:
Greetings From Nowhere:
Woods Runner and Homer P. Figg War comaprisons:
See Mrs. Wright for the password